Sublime Geometry (Threadwork)

In these works, I transform vintage needlepoints by embroidering a new layer of meaning onto the original pastoral (and distinctively European) scenes, which introduces an artificial element into the natural wooded landscapes.  The interjections interrupt and complicate the original scape.

The large scale installation, “Her earthly gains,” cretaed for the exhibition “Monumental,” curated by Marisa Leher, reflects on the significance of the hand-made in the context of the expansive digital environment. The 42” x 28” tapestry is layered over a larger pixelated version of itself (12′ x 7′).  The threadwork on the needlepoint continues as drawing over the large vinyl print.  Mimicking the colors and objects in the initial textile, the pixelated painting calls into question the virtue and relevance of the handmade in the face of our technological world. The work ultimately aims to complicate notions of “monumentality” by re-imagining the historical through both traditional and contemporary processes. The piece raises questions pertaining to relative scale, the relationship of the abstract and the real, and the tension between the hand-made and the computer-generated.