Collages: Identity

Cultural identity is not something given or inherited, it is something that an individual or a community constructs through a process of reflection and appropriation. In this sense, one’s identity could be characterized as a sort of “bricolage,” that is, “something that has been assembled through a re-appropriation and re-purposing of a diverse range of available things.” In this body of work, I piece together fragments from the past into meaningful wholes in order to make sense of my own identity. Focussing specifically on notions of female power, I fit together images of goddesses, women, and natural forces. Using fragments of vintage National Geographic magazines, Hindu comics and anthologies, drawing, and painting, I dismantle the old in order to build the new. Formally, using heightened color and distorted scale, I reference art history and pop culture from various cultural contexts, and iconography in an effort to create images of power.